The Gipo company was founded back in 1996, combining the relationship of two friends (Montserrat Francisco and Josefa Prats) with the passionate design for their profession.

The name Gipo was selected to represent our collection of handcrafted articles which include ladies and gentlemen's lines as well as those for children and babies.

The "Gipo" is known throughout Ibiza for their many items of clothing which represent the typical Ibizan style, whether for casual or business use.

The Gipo nowadays is an elaborately hand crafted piece which is also used as a standard with our other confections, still holding pride of place here on the Balearics, where the whole ambience counts, absorbing the delightful local aromas and using the age old skills to produce beautiful white clothing, controlling the product quality and enhancing the beauty of our models, all with the greatest of ease. Taking the peacefulness and tranquillity of these islands and showing them in the clean shapes and lines along with delicateness and comfort, that only style can provide.

In these times of maximum technology, maximum stress and maximum challenges, we are paving the way, reducing the distance, reducing the waste and using our hands to make the borders, hooks etc. The same hands that have brought us to where we are now, the same hands that give that extra tenderness needed, yet these same hands are tenacious and capable of finishing these handcrafted pieces to a truly superior quality.

With all this in mind, our main priority is to you, the customer, those who know how to appreciate the real value of handcrafted pieces, the difference you get in clothes transformed with tender loving care, designed and then created by GIPO IBIZA.

Some photos of our workshop:

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